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Chemical House Washing

Regular chemical house washing will protect your investment as well as keeping your home looking fantastic. It also extends the life of your paint by many years. A typical house requires a keen eye for detail.
Wash it perfect teams are experienced in washing all sorts of exterior cladding and adjust the house washing method to suit. All detergents are eco-friendly & biodegradable.

Water Blasting

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Roof Washing

We treat house roofs in 2 ways. The first is power washing with eco-friendly, non toxic chemicals, then wash off with pressured water specific to the surface.

The second is using moss, mould & lichen treatments. This is a long term solution for your roof, the treatments sticks to your roof’s surface and breaks down the lichen & mould over time (6- 12 months), it will slowly wash away leaving a clean surface. 
We treat all types of roofs including tiled, concrete, shingles, corrugated iron, colour steel, clear light/polycarbonate & glass skylights.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters can be a part of your home that gets forgotten but can lead to bigger, more costly issues.  Mould infiltration inside your home, foundation damage, flooding and leaky roofs are some of the problems that can arise due overlooking the simple task of investing in a gutter clean.

Prevention is Key!  Red flags to let you know you need to contact Wash it Perfect would be foliage and grass growing from your gutters, nesting birds, build up of leaves causing gutters to sag and torrents of water spilling from the gutter.

Moss & Mould Treatment

Moss and Mould retains moisture, salts, dirt and debris, fuels and grime which prematurely aids the breakdown of paint on painted surfaces.
Our process would be to spray eco-friendly detergent and then pressure wash to remove the chem and debris.  Our chemical is designed to breakdown moss and mould & eventually help in killing Lichen.

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